Here’s a quick run-down of my academic life so far:


  • PhD in Computer Science (2013)
    University of Manchester, UK
    Thesis: “Combinatorial Arguments for Linear Logic Full Completeness”
    Supervisor: Andrea Schalk
  • MSc in Mathematical Logic and the Theory of Computation (2007)
    University of Manchester, UK
  • MA in Mathematics (2005)
    University of Cambridge, UK
  • BSc (Hons) in Physics and Computing [Open Degree] (2016)
    Open University, UK


  • ATER Position
    • Équipe LCR, LIPN, Université Paris 13, France (2017)
  • ERC Project ProofCert
    • Parsifal Team, LIX, Inria/École Polytechnique, France (2015-2016)
  • ANR Project Logoi
    • Équipe LCR, LIPN, Université Paris 13, France (2013-14)
    • Équipe LDP, IML (now I2M), CNRS/Université d’Aix-Marseille, France (2013)


As an ATER (roughly equivalent to what I expect would be called an assistant lecturer in the UK), I lead undergraduate examples classes and practical sessions on a number of courses in the Informatics laboratory:

  • L1 – Logic
  • L1 – Mathematics and Algorithmics
  • L1 – Shell

During my doctoral studies I acted as a demonstrator (roughly equivalent to the Moniteur teaching positions in France) in both Maths and Computer Science departments. I was given responsibilities on a number of courses, including lecturing, leading tutorial/practical sessions, and marking coursework. I was involved on the following courses:

  • MATH63171 – Category Theory & Lambda-Calculus (2008-12)
  • COMP10020 – Mathematical Techniques for Computer Science (2008-10)
  • COMP10042 – Fundamentals of Computation (2008-10)
  • COMP30191 – Theory of Games and Game Models (2008-09)